Vzhledem k očekávanému velkému zájmu o start při závodě Hill Climb Days ve Šternberku, započnou přihlášky o týden dříve

Regarding great expected interest in a start at race Hill Climb Days in Šternberk, will application start 1 week earlier, namely this thursday 18. 6. Race will be during  25. – 26. 7. 2009 en route Ecce Homo in total length of 4700 metres, with all security like at race in Europe championship, that took place last weekend. Race depot will be near sports hall Ecce Homo, here will be also administrative and technical acceptances, and it will be open from friday 16,00 o'clock. Starting  fee is given to 1500, - Kc/day due to many charges towards Šterneberk´s municipal office, rent of crash barriers for the bottom part of the track and total security. Number of riders that will be able to take a start is 150. About compensations for late apologized riders will decide organizer on the basis of actual situation in depot. Applications and information about the race and the whole serial KW Berg- Trophy can be found on web pages www.berg-trophy.cz.